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BUILT IMAGES stretches the imagination with Rights Managed & Royalty-Free Home and Architecture stock imagery.  We are dedicated to breakthrough imagery – Bold, Timeless, Essential imagery.  In a world where “One Room Fits All”, BUILT stands out in the crowd. Homes featured in BUILT are chosen for their fashion, flair and international perspective.  Our highly focused collection covers the usual suspects: Architecture, Interior and Exterior Design, the Home Lifestyle, and the Home Environment.  Subjects range from the sprawling urban environment, to intimate living spaces, to small objects of everyday use. You will tour superb residences, with sophisticated contemporary styles and experience how richly designed our world can be. And who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a few tips to help you renovate or decorate.

Architecture Photographers

Interested in becoming a contributor?

We’re seeking only the most talented photographers to join our roster of artists.  Our photographers and filmmakers are the best in the world at creating architectural imagery that resonate with our clients.  We push our collection stylistically and creatively always driving the casting, styling and demographics in line with global trends. If you feel that your work will complement the BUILT Images collection please contact us to discuss representation opportunities.